5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Windows Today

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When it comes to popular remodeling projects, replacement windows aren't always at the top of a homeowner's list. At first glance, other common projects such as a kitchen remodel appear to offer more of a return on the investment. This is a serious mistake, as window replacements and upgrades are one of the most important and cost-effective home improvements you can make.

Here are five of the most important benefits you'll see when you replace the windows on your home. Depending on your current situation and the state of your home, as you continue reading more about this topic you might see quite a few additional benefits that didn't make the list.

Monthly Energy Savings

With utility costs on the rise, it's more important than ever for homeowners to find ways to cut energy costs. Windows are a fantastic way to do just that. Old windows, particularly single pane windows, are a tremendous drain on your home's resources due to the amount of air that escapes through them.

If you were to replace your windows with Energy Star certified windows, you could save up to $247 each year. When the windows to be replaced are single pane, that number increases to $501 dollars each year. It's easy to see how replacement windows can pay for themselves over time--particularly if you plan on staying in your home for the near future.

Improved Ventilation

Old, sticky windows that don't fit well are difficult to use. As a result, many homeowners with old windows develop climate control habits that don't include utilizing the windows for ventilation. This is a serious mistake that can have an impact on your family's health.

Inadequate ventilation is the number one cause of poor indoor air quality. Also, during cold and flu season, family members are more than likely to pass along an illness when living in a poorly ventilated space. New windows that function properly make it easy to ensure air flow throughout your house during any season.

Increased Home Value

In most remodeling projects, you want to create an increased in utility as well as an increase in overall home value. With bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, it's easy to see how this would happen. But, does replacing your windows really have the same effect?

The answer is yes. In 2014, the average window replacement had a 79.3% cost to value ratio. That means a $10,000 window project would result in an increase of approximately $7,930 to the value of your home. When combined with the monthly energy savings over time, it's easy to see how homeowners can make money on a window project.

Noise Control

Anyone with poor fitting windows can tell when it's a windy day. That's because the incessant whistling and howling of the wind through the gaps in a home's windows creates a persistent and distracting sound. If the home is located in a high-traffic area, this annoyance isn't limited to windy days.

Properly fitted windows will have a dramatic impact on the amount of external noise that impacts your home environment. Along with eliminating any gaps, newer windows are much better suited for sound regulation than old designs. In fact, the right window can turn a difficult noise situation into something much more tolerable.

They Look Good

The external aesthetic of your home is not something to be taken lightly. This is particularly true for people who are in the market to sell their home. A prospective buyer's first impression is often a key component of their decision to purchase a home.

Windows are a big contributing factor to that initial impression. Elegant, modern window designs give the buyer an impression of quality and can dramatically increase your property's curb appeal. For this reason, replacement windows  are almost essential for people in the market to sell their home.

Very few remodeling projects give the balance of utility and value that replacement windows do. Be sure to find room for them in your home improvement budget--you won't be disappointed with the results!


7 October 2014

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