Street Sweeping Companies: Cleaning Up More Than Just Streets

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Although you are most likely familiar with street sweepers that move up and down the roads in your neighborhood clearing debris, dirt, and dust, you might not be aware that many street sweeping companies offer more than just your typical average street sweeping services. Many street sweeping companies offer indoor sweeping services, as well as their typical street sweeping. Indoor sweeping is useful for a number of different structures, for a variety of different purposes.

What Structures Can Benefit From Indoor Sweeping

Any structure that is mostly wide open space and industrially constructed can usually benefit from indoor sweeping. Indoor sweeping works best on surfaces such as concrete, pavement, vinyl flooring or any other hard surface that won't be damaged by a street sweeper. A large open space that has hardwood or carpet, for example, would not benefit from indoor sweeping. Indoor sweeping is also best used in structures that aren't full of walls and doors, as this can slow down the sweeper or prevent it from doing a thorough job.

If you own or manage a parking structure, warehouse or another industrial building indoor sweeping can benefit you. These structures usually have concrete or paved floors, and tend to easily accumulate dust and debris. Warehouses tend to gather dust easily, and that dust is often spread throughout the warehouse as items are shifted around. On top of that, workers' boots often bring in debris from the outside world into the warehouse, where it tends to stay put. Parking structures are prone to leaves, branches, trash and other undesirable debris being blown into them, and then not being blown back out. Industrial spaces, such as wide open workshops, tend to accumulate particles of wood, steel, or any other items that might be worked with daily.

Purpose Of Indoor Sweeping

One of the main purposes of indoor sweeping is to get your indoor structure cleaned quickly. Indoor sweepers allow a single person to do a thorough cleaning job in just a short amount of time. Indoor sweepers also use mechanical sweepers that tend to gather any unwanted debris and particles much more efficiently than sweeping by hand would allow. Often times gunk lining your floors isn't completely visible, and you can miss spots when you hand sweep. The combination of high powered brushes, as well as industrial vacuums, attached to indoor sweepers ensures that not one corner is overlooked.

Indoor sweeping is also beneficial before you engage in power washing or high powered scrubbing. Neglecting to sweep your space before you use a power washer or a mechanical water scrubber prevents your area from completely being clean. Introducing water to an area that hasn't been swept can turn into a muddy mess that will take even longer to clean up. Often times street sweeping companies will offer you indoor sweeping service in conjunction with mechanical water scrubbing for a discounted price.

Benefits Of Indoor Sweeping

Indoor sweeping provides a few key benefits. For one, it keeps your structure looking clean. More importantly, the cleanliness of the floors of your structure ensures that there aren't nasty slip-and-fall accidents by people working in your warehouse or using your parking structure. Dust and debris can cause preventable accidents.

Indoor sweeping also prevents difficult work environments. Structures that are left unswept are prone to clouds of dust and dirt being kicked up as workers move around. Not only does this make working more difficult, but it can cause issues such as asthma or allergies for workers, as well.

Instead of tackling spring cleaning of your warehouse, parking structure, or large industrial area by hand, give a local street sweeper a call to see if they offer indoor sweeping services. They should be able to advise you on the best indoor sweeper for your particular purpose, as well as do a professional, affordable, quick job of sweeping your structure.


15 October 2014

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