2 Quick, Temporary Fixes For Your RV's Damaged Windshield

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If you are on a road trip in your RV and have noticed your windshield has sustained some damage, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep it from getting larger. While you could use a windshield repair kit, you may not have everything you need to use it. Instead, use one of the two quick fixes below to temporarily repair your RV's windshield until you can have it looked at by a professional.

Cover Chips With Clear Plastic Packaging Tape

If a rock has flown up and hit your windshield, the chip in it may seem like a small problem. However, if it remains unprotected from wind and pressure while you drive, it could develop into a larger hole or crack. Clear plastic packaging tape will give it some protection.

When selecting the tape, try to find the thickest one that you can. Also, two inch wide tape will cover most chips. You will also need a small makeup or paint brush. You can find the tape anywhere that sells office supplies and a brush in any department store.

Use the brush on the chipped glass to clean away any dust and remaining glass fragments. Then, use a wet rag and carefully wipe the surface so that it will be clean enough for the tape to stick on. 

After the glass has dried, apply a piece of tape that covers the chip plus one inch around the edges. If the tape is not wide enough, use two overlapping pieces to cover it.

Once the first piece has been applied, place two more pieces of tape to add extra protection. Firmly but gently press the outer edges of the tape to help it stick to the windshield better.

While you are driving, keep an eye on the tape to make sure it has not become loose. This is especially important after it rains since the water could cause the edges to come up. If it does become loose, add an extra layer of tape.

Fill In Cracks With Epoxy Glue

If you have a crack in your RV's windshield, you will need to fill it in to keep it from spreading. Epoxy glue works well as a temporary filling because it hardens into a clear, plastic substance when it dries. The glue can be found in hardware, department, and home improvement stores.

You will also need a small brush and a cotton cloth for the repair job. These will be used to prepare the crack and glass for the application of the glue.

First, wipe the glass around the crack with a damp cloth and allow the surface to air dry. Then, use a small brush to clear away any dust inside the crack. 

Starting an inch from one tip of the crack, run the tip of the bottle along the crack to dispense the glue. As you do this, make sure the epoxy fills the width of the crack. Extend the line of glue one inch out from the end.

After the glue has dried, look for any gaps. Fill in any that you find. While you continue on your trip, inspect the filling periodically to make sure the patch has not cracked or come loose. If so, touch up the affected areas with more glue.

The above easy fixes will keep your windshield intact while you are on the road. Once you get home or arrive at your destination, however, you may want to take it to a professional service for evaluation, like Central Glass. They can then let you know if the glass can be repaired or if you will have to have a complete window glass replacement done.


20 October 2014

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