3 Reasons Why You're Having Trouble Cycling Your Garage Door

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Your garage door isn't opening or closing as smoothly as you'd like. It's opening slowly, creating excessive noise, or not opening at all. These symptoms are an obvious sign that it's time to repair your garage door assembly, but you're not quite sure where to begin. Here are the three most common issues that will prevent your garage door from cycling smoothly and quietly:

Worn Torsion Springs

When you've had to manually open your garage door, you've only had to exert a small amount of effort to do so. This is because your garage door's counterbalance system handles most of the weight of your garage door panels.

Your counterbalance system consists of a long shaft, torsion springs, winding cones, and cable drums that connect to the bottom panel of your garage door. These components are installed directly above your garage door. When you partially lift your garage door, your torsion springs begin winding your cable drums, which then provide the torque that bears the majority of your door's weight.

However, when your torsion springs become worn, they can't provide enough torque to lift your door. Regular torsion springs typically last between 15,000 to 20,000 cycles before they need to be replaced. Although you may think it will take you an eternity to cycle your garage door 20,000 times, it won't—especially if your family members are constantly walking in and out of your garage.

Unfortunately, it's extremely dangerous to repair your garage door's counterbalance system. Torsion springs, even while worn, can pose a significant threat to you if you attempt to replace them on your own. For this reason, you'll need to hire a professional to tighten or replace your worn torsion springs.

Stripped Motor

If your automatic opener isn't cycling your garage door, but you can still cycle your door manually, then it likely means that your automatic opener's gears are stripped. Aside from old age and excessive use, your automatic opener's motor will become stripped when its chain has been loose for a long period of time.

In order for your automatic opener to cycle your garage door, it must first pull all the slack out of the chain leading from your motor to your door. If the chain is loose, then it will slip over the gear teeth that are designed to pull the chain. After enough cycles, your slipping chain will grind down the gear teeth until they're unable to hook into the chain—which eventually prevents your automatic opener from being able to lift your garage door.

Although it's possible to replace your stripped gears by yourself, it's usually best to leave this job to a professional garage door technician—especially if your opener is still under warranty. If you attempt to repair your opener by yourself, you will void the manufacturer warranty and risk damaging other components of your motor.

Bent Guide Track

Your garage door rollers are set into two guide tracks on the sides of your garage door assembly. In order for your door to cycle smoothly, your rollers must be able to glide through the tracks without being blocked. However, if you've accidentally scraped your vehicle along the sides of your garage opening, then it's possible that you bent one of your guide tracks.

Luckily, if your have a pair of vice grips and a hammer, you can bend your guide track back into its original shape.

Slide the claw end of your hammer into your guide track's channel. Pry the edge of your guide track outwards until there's enough space in the channel for your rollers. Next, guide your rollers through the bent portion of the track channel and use your vice grips to press the edge of the guide track as close as possible to the rollers without letting the track and rollers make contact. Repeat this process until all damaged areas of your guide track are bent back into their original position.

If one or more of these issues is preventing your garage door from cycling smoothly, then it's time to call a professional repair technician. By having your door assembly professionally repaired, you can ensure that it will operate smoothly and safely for several years to come. Go to this site and ones similar, for more inforatin.


22 October 2014

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