3 Great Reasons You Should Consider Having Your Pool Resurfaced

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Do you remember the day that you had your pool installed? If you are like most people, you probably never imagined that it could become anything other than a pristine oasis where you could cool off after work. Unfortunately, time can be rough to an interior pool surface, and you might be left staring at a blotchy, unattractive water hole where your tropical paradise once was. Here are three reasons why you should consider having your pool resurfaced and how it might help you in the long run.   

1: To Improve the Aesthetics

Over time, pool chemicals, suntan lotion residue, and microorganisms can cause the surface of your pool interior to change colors. Instead of diving into cool, bright blue waters, your pool area might look stained and dirty, even if the water is immaculate. Believe it or not, even cleaners can damage pool interiors. When acidic cleaners are used, they can collect on pool surfaces, and sunlight can cause the chemicals to turn internal vinyl coverings a yellow color.

Fortunately, you don't have to let a few chemical reactions destroy your pool aesthetics permanently. If you want to completely transform your space, you should consider investing in pool resurfacing. To revive the area, professional pool resurfacing contractors will drain the water, dry the space, and apply a durable, epoxy coating to your pool interior.

In addition to covering up the old stains and creating an even appearance, new coatings can also be used to change the design of the area. You might be able to have professional contractors use a deep royal blue coating to create a luxurious appearance, or you might even choose a color that compliments your poolside tile job.   

2: To Smooth Out Your Pool Floor

If you have ever walked across the floor of your pool and been cut by a loose, jagged piece of damaged plaster, then you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do cuts put a damper on your game of Marco-Polo, you might also have to trek through your house to find your first-aid kit. 

However, pool resurfacing can reinforce pool floor coverings, so that you won't have to worry about stubbing your toe. Over time, plaster surfaces can develop cracks and chip away, causing loose fragments to sit around on the inside of your pool. Fortunately, before pool contractors get started with their resurfacing job, they will remove damaged plaster and reinforce the area before they coat the space with fresh materials.

After the coating has cured and the pool is refilled, you will be able to enjoy a smooth, comfortable pool interior.

3: To Boost Your Home's Value

Although you might adore your home and in-ground pool, you might not live at your current location forever. If your wife ever decides that she wants to move closer to her parents or your employer asks you to relocate to a different branch, you might end up saying sayonara to your days in the sun.

Unfortunately, if you have a pool that looks like it needs a few repairs, your favorite home feature might end up hurting your resale value. However, if you decide to take advantage of pool resurfacing to spruce up the space, your pool could be a huge draw for potential buyers, and it might even boost your home's value.

In fact, studies have shown that well-kept, in-ground pools can add about 7.7% to the value of your home. Considering that the average pool resurfacing job costs around $5 per square foot, a 1,000 square foot pool would cost you about $5,000 to resurface. Although that price might seem steep, when you consider that a nice pool could increase the value of your $250,000 home by $19,250, it is easy to understand why resurfacing is a great investment. 

With the help of professional pool resurfacing contractors, you might be able to make your backyard a destination location and get more out of the future sale of your home. Click here for info on finding professionals near you.


23 October 2014

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