Renovating Your Business Building? 2 Commercial Roofing Trends You Should Consider

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When big decisions have to be made about renovations, executives think carefully about the potential benefits of every building component- right down to the rooftop. Here are two commercial roofing trends that you might see more of in the future, and how they might help your business.

1: Rooftop Terraces

After you have made it big in the business world, you might want to design a building that really portrays the image that you want to send to the world. Instead of blending in with the other buildings in the area and going with boring shingles or that gravel flat-topped roof, many new companies are choosing to make their rooftop a functional space.

If you have an easily accessible staircase that heads up to your roof, why not put a railing around the top and make it a serene destination for visitors? Here are a few neat features that some ingenious business owners and architects have used to transform their drab rooftop space into something beautiful.

  • Fountains: Why not give your employees a serene space to take their lunch break? Many modern rooftop terrace designers incorporate relaxing water features into the space in order to give everyone the chance to sit back and breathe during their time away from their desks.
  • Lounge Areas: To make your rooftop something to talk about, consider adding some comfortable outdoor furniture and a few ottomans. When people can relax and kick their feet up, they might be more likely to make great deals with you when they get back from lunch, or spend more in your retail shop downstairs.
  • Lighting: Your office probably doesn't see many visitors in the evening, but your rooftop terrace might. Adding strings of interesting lights and leaving those outdoor fountains on might create a fun atmosphere that people can enjoy after work.
  • Eateries: Some businesses have even sub-rented their rooftop area to small restaurants or bars to generate a little extra revenue with the space that would otherwise go unused.

If you have a flat roof, talk with your building contractor about making it something special. Making good use of the space by adding a rooftop terrace might help you to set your business apart from others in the area, build your brand, and maybe even generate a little additional revenue.

2: Living Roofs

Going green isn't just about reducing your carbon footprint and remembering to recycle your office paper. Believe it or not, going green can also save you a lot of green on your monthly utility bills. When you have a large business, the costs of keeping your employees cool and comfortable every day can be absolutely staggering at the end of the month.

Fortunately, you might be able to reduce your energy usage by creating a living roof. Living roofs are generally created on flat or gently sloped roofs, and they can vary significantly from area to area. Some living roofs consist of a few simple inches of soil topped with a layer of vegetation, while other living roofs contain large flowerbeds, large trees, grasses, and shrubs. The types of plants that can be planted in a living roof depend largely on the thickness of the soil layer that the roof can support.

In addition to looking absolutely gorgeous, living roofs can do a lot for your building. The layer of plants will shield your rooftop from the harsh rays of the sunlight, keeping heat from accumulating indoors. Not only will this keep your business cooler during the summer, but the soil layer will also keep heat from escaping during the winter. Green roofs can also manage storm water more effectively than traditional drainage systems, while filtering pollutants out of the moisture before it ever touches the ground.

If you are looking for new ways to make your building as efficient as possible, talk with your contractor and architect about incorporating a living roof into our new building design. You might be able to save some money on heating and cooling, while making the metropolitan area more beautiful.

Go to sites and become familiar with different commercial roofing trends. It might help you to make every part of your new building attractive and functional. 


29 October 2014

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