2 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional To Trim Those Trees

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Are the trees in your yard starting to look a little overgrown? Because chopping off a few extra branches might sound fun or simple, you might figure that you can take care of things in an afternoon with a handsaw and an old ladder. Unfortunately, pruning is a lot more challenging than it looks. Here are two reasons that you should hire a professional to trim those trees.

1: Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Although you might be able to work that dull saw through those branches eventually, using the right tree trimming equipment can make the job a lot easier and keep you from compromising your own safety. However, you might not want to invest a lot of money into new equipment if you only need to trim trees once in awhile.

One of the best things about hiring professionals is that you won't have to worry about buying equipment and figuring out where to keep it during the off-season. Here are a few tools that the pros have in their arsenal to make even the most daunting tree-trimming job a snap.

  • Bucket Lifts: To make it easy for workers to reach the tops of trees or to navigate around electrical lines, professionals might use hydraulic-powered bucket lifts that are fixed to the back of trucks. By simply driving their vehicle close to the trees that they need to trim and loading a person into the lift, they can tackle those branches effectively without scaling rickety ladders.
  • Powerful Saws: Instead of that run-of-the-mill chainsaw that you might be able to afford, professionals usually use powerful equipment created specifically for tree trimming. Sharp saws with powerful motors can help them to obliterate those extra branches in no time.
  • Pole Pruners: Sometimes even bucket lifts don't reach high enough to help workers to take care of tall trees. Fortunately, most professionals have pole pruners to help them with ultra-long branches. These devices basically consist of a long pole with a set of shears at the end, which can be controlled from the pole base.

Instead of trying to come up with the money to buy or rent a bunch of equipment, call in a professional. Not only will they have all of the tools to get the job done quickly, but they also have the experience they need to do it right the first time around. 

2: Tree Trimming Is Inherently Dangerous

If you think that tree trimming sounds like a fun way to relieve your stress and to break in your new chainsaw, you should think again. Believe it or not, do-it-yourself tree trimming is an inherently dangerous activity that could end your life.

In fact, in 2013 alone, 28 homeowners died while attempting to trim their own trees. Of these deaths, 72% of the people were killed when falling branches struck them, and 24% were fatally injured after they fell from ladders, roofs, or other high places.

Falling debris and accidental slips aren't the only way that you could be injured while doing your own tree trimming. Chainsaws can kick back when they hit hard knots inside of trees, which could leave you with a deep laceration. If you aren't careful about overhead power lines, you could be electrocuted in an instant.

On the other hand, professional tree trimming experts are familiar with these dangers and understand how to mitigate their risks. They might choose to use special safety harnesses to catch them from steep falls or wear leg guards to protect them from rogue chainsaws. Professionals also work in teams, so that one person can stay on the lookout for overhead dangers and falling branches.

In addition to keeping you safe and helping you to reduce equipment clutter, letting a professional take care of your tree pruning needs will give you the chance to take care of other things during your time away from work. Visit websites like http://smittystreeservice.net/ for more information.


10 November 2014

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