5 Essential Elements of a Minimalist-Style Bathroom

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Minimalist interior design puts creates a crisp, clean look by using straight lines, solid surfaces and an abundance of light. With less clutter, you have more space to utilize the things you actually need. For these reasons, minimalist design works very well in the bathroom, where a clean look is paramount and you need space to move about. To create a minimalist bathroom, start by focusing on these five elements.

A light and airy color scheme

To create an open-looking space, it's important to choose a light and simple color scheme. Experts recommend decorating with three colors in a 60:30:10 ratio. The color that occupies 60% of space, also known as the dominant color, will be the color you paint the walls. The secondary color, which takes up 30% of the space, will be the color you paint the trim and perhaps use for some furnishings, such as your sink and shelving. The final accent color can be used for accessories like soap dispensers, towels and the like. In a minimalist bathroom, you will have few accessories, so it works well to make them all the accent color.

Some lovely color schemes for minimalist bathrooms include:

  • 60% white, 30% pale green, 10% navy blue
  • 60% cream, 30% aqua, 10% deep brown
  • 60% pale gray, 30% dark gray, 10% red

Of course, these are a few of many possibilities. If you have a favorite color that's on the bright side, a good rule of thumb is to use it as your accent color and use two shades of either beige or gray as your dominant and secondary colors.

A clear, frameless shower door

An opaque shower door or shower curtain can quickly make an otherwise minimalist bathroom look cluttered and closed-off. Thus, the best choice for this type of design is a clear, frameless shower door. It won't block the flow of light through the space, and you'll get to enjoy the bathroom's open, airy appeal while you're showering, rather than feeling like you're isolated in a cage. For the most minimalist look possible, pair your glass door with a zero-entry shower. If this is not an option due to your bathroom's design, it will look great with a standard, step-in shower, too.

A freestanding pedestal sink

So many bathroom vanities and cabinets are bulky and complex. Steer clear of these cluttered pieces of furniture, and opt instead for a free-standing sink in your secondary color. The pedestal style bottom takes up less floor space, leaving you more space to stand and dress. Make sure you choose a simple faucet, too. Nickle faucets with a smooth, sleek finish are a common choice in minimalist bathrooms.

Large windows

As mentioned previously, natural light is one of the most important elements of minimalist design, and you cannot have natural light without windows. Even if you have to do a bit of remodeling to incorporate a larger window, it's really worth it. A floor-to-ceiling window is lovely if you have the space. A pair of side-by-side smaller windows works if you don't.

To maintain your privacy in a bathroom with large windows, have them coated with privacy film. This translucent film has a sort-of etched pattern that obscures vision through the window without blocking light.

Open shelving

To keep your minimalist bathroom looking open instead of cottage-like and cozy, opt for built-in shelving rather than drawers and closets. A couple of shelves above the toilet, a shelf above the sink, and maybe even a shelf above the window will do. To stick with your minimalist design, it's important to minimize what you keep on those shelves. You don't need 12 towels; just keep your nicest 2 or 3 on the shelf. Maintaining your minimalist bathroom look can also really help you curb your spending habits if you're someone who collects beauty products. Keep all non-essential items in a closet in another room, not in your minimalist bathroom.

With the tips above, you should have no trouble creating an open, airy bathroom with a minimalist design. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Mitchell Window & Door. 


25 January 2016

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