When Is It Time To Clean Your Gutters?

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Your gutters are an important part of your home's water drainage system. Keeping your gutters clean is one way that you can extend the service life of your gutters and maintain optimum functionality. The following FAQ will help you judge when it's time to clean your gutters and what other things you can do to maintain the gutters on your home.   

When is it time to clean your gutters?

Some gutters only need to be cleaned annually, while others need to be cleaned twice per year. The amount of cleaning and the time it takes to clean your gutters will be determined by how quickly your gutters fill with debris. Plan to clean your gutters in mid to late fall, when many of the leaves have fallen off the trees.

To find out whether or not your gutters need to be cleaned twice per year, watch your gutters during rain storms. If your gutters become clogged in the spring or summer, your gutters may need to be cleaned out twice annually.  

Can you clean your gutters as a DIY project?

If you live in a one-story home and can easily reach your gutters when standing safely on a ladder, you may be able to clean your gutters as a DIY project. To clean your gutters, you'll need a ladder, a bucket, a hand trowel and waterproof work gloves. Stand on the ladder to face the inside of your gutters. Use the hand trowel to dig debris out of the gutters and scoop it into the bucket.

When the gutters have been cleaned, use a hose to rinse the inside of the gutters and flush any remaining debris down the downspout. 

What can you do about a clogged downspout?

If the downspout is clogged, use a plumber's auger to remove the clog. Insert the auger into the downspout and turn the crank to drill down into the downspout. When the clog has been removed, use a strong spray of water to flush the downspout and ensure that it's working properly.  

What does it mean if you remove clogs from the downspout and water still overflows the edges of the gutters?

If water overflows the sides of your gutters even after they've been completely cleaned, this is an indication that your gutters are bent or warped and the water is running out before they can reach the downspout. If this is the case, your gutters need to be repaired by a gutter repair professional. Contact a gutter installation and repair person in your area. He or she can give you a quote for gutter repair or replacement. 


13 September 2016

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