Vinyl Siding In The Winter: How To Keep It Clean And Clear Of Snow And Ice

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Snow and ice have a major impact on vinyl siding in winter. They collect on the siding and make it very heavy. The snow and ice can also collect underneath the edges of the siding and cause damage behind the siding. Your best bet to protect the siding and your house from winter damages is to clear snow and ice whenever you can. Here are some helpful hints on how to do just that.

When It Snows, Brush the Snow Away

Light snows are easily brushed away with a broom. You will notice that you have one side on your house that regularly collects snow, while the others may be fairly snow-free. (Usually, this is the northern or western side of the house, because that is how snowstorms travel.) If you are able take a straw broom outside and brush this snow away once every hour or whenever the snow finally stops falling. This reduces the accumulation of snow that can melt, stick, settle and freeze over on your siding.

Got Ice Already? Break out the Pressure Washer and/or Rubbing Alcohol

If it is not especially cold out, but you have ice accumulated on your siding already, break out your pressure washer. Make sure it is filled with boiling hot water. This will crack and melt the ice on the siding, and the ice should easily slough off and fall to the ground. If you do not have a pressure washer, break out several bottles of rubbing alcohol, which will have a very similar effect on the ice. After all of the ice is off of the siding, see if you can hand-dry the siding or use a hairdryer to blow-dry it. Because the vinyl siding will conduct the heat from the dryer, it will prevent any immediate re-accumulation of ice.

Cover Your House in Plastic Sheeting

Yes, it looks strange, but if you have one or more sides of your home that struggles with the snow and ice every year, the plastic sheeting really works. Use the same stuff people use to seal off and insulate windows, but apply it to the siding. If you are already going to put it over your windows, do not cut to fit the windows. Instead, apply it to the entire side of the house there. If you need to, apply it to the whole house. When spring arrives, you can easily remove the plastic sheeting and your vinyl and siding underlay will be doing quite well.

If your siding is already damaged and needs replacing, make sure to get in touch with a company like Superior Products.


1 March 2017

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