Need To Build A Bridge On Your Agricultural Property? Factors To Consider

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If you have recently purchased a large plot of agricultural or ranch land that has yet to be developed properly, you may be simultaneously thrilled and nervous about everything that you have to do. If you have any large rivers or streams that cut through your property, though, one of your first priorities will likely need to be to build a bridge over that waterway to give yourself better access to your lands and maneuverability around your property. There are many factors to consider when you are thinking about having a bridge built. Get to know some of those factors to consider so you can be sure you are making the best possible decision for you and your new property.

Consider What Kind of Traffic Will Be Going Over The Bridge

One of the biggest factors to consider when you are planning to build a bridge on your property is the type of traffic that will be going over the bridge. For example, if you simply need a foot bridge so that, when you are walking your property, you can easily get across the stream or river, then you may be able to fell timber on your property and build a log bridge relatively easily.

However, if you need a bridge for livestock to cross in large numbers, to take agricultural equipment over, or simply to drive your personal vehicles over, you will need a bridge that can better handle heavier loads and more traffic. Think long and hard about your current and future needs for the bridge or bridges you are going to build so you can properly build a bridge capable of accommodating your needs.

Have an Engineer Come Out And Survey The Planned Bridge Location

While you may have an idea of exactly where on the waterway and on your property you want your bridge to be located, you will need a civil engineer to come out and determine if that location is a good choice for your bridge. There are many different important factors that go into determining a bridge location.

The stability of the shoreline, the composition of the soil, and the function of the bridge are all important factors to consider. Sometimes, there may be a better location for your bridge that you may not have thought of that the engineer can suggest to you.

Your engineer will also give you an idea of what it will take to make your proposed bridge work. You may need to have a drilling and blasting company come out to widen the area or to remove undesirable rock beds along the river or stream, for example. Having an engineer on-site to walk you through the bridge building process and oversee the project as it gets underway is an important part of getting the project completed well.

These factors will help you to know what will go into building a bridge on your property and how you want to approach the process going forward.


24 March 2017

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