Is It Time To Go Back To The Tank?


Tankless water heaters have become very popular due to their image as a power-conserving, water-conserving modern invention that will last longer than old, rusty tanks. In some respects, tankless water heaters really are good; they do conserve power, and they do last longer than your typical tank-style water heater. However, there are advantages to having a tank-style heater as well, and if you've been having issues with a tankless heater, it might be time to switch back or use a combination.

Too Much Demand, Not Enough Water

Tankless heaters heat water on the spot, and they're very efficient at doing so. However, if a lot of people are trying to draw hot water at the same time, the water could rush through the tankless heater faster than the heater can heat it. The result is lukewarm or cool water instead of very warm or hot water. Tank-style heaters hold many gallons of hot water in reserve, so when people try to turn on lots of fixtures, they can all get hot water, and incoming water in the heater has a chance to warm up, too.

If you have a lot of demand for water, switching back to a tank-style heater could be a better solution. Another option is to install a tank for general use in the house and use the tankless for one or two dedicated areas, such as laundry.

No Reserve Water

One big advantage to having a tank-style water heater is that the water inside can serve as emergency water. You need to keep the tank in good shape and flush it on schedule, but remember that this water ends up coming out of your sink faucets, so it is potable. Even if you feel too squeamish to have water directly from the water heater tank, you can use it to help fill toilet tanks in an emergency, for example, instead of using your bottled water for that. Tankless heaters offer no such advantage.

Water Flow Activation

One quirk of tankless heaters is that sometimes they require a certain amount of water flow to activate the heating function. So if you have super-low-flow faucets, you might not end up with any hot water because the flow rate just isn't high enough to trigger the heater. You don't have that problem with tank-style heaters.

Installing a tank-style heater as a replacement for a tankless heater is not a DIY job, so contact a water heater installation company like Towers Murray Plumbing to get the job done. Newer tanks are very well insulated, so power usage should be reasonable.


7 April 2017

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