Three Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Custom Cabinets

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Having custom wood cabinets fitted into your kitchen is a sure way to both beautify your kitchen and improve its functionality. When designing the cabinets, there are a few mistakes you want to avoid, since they can make things more difficult later on.

#1: Not considering the finish thoroughly

The right finish is a must for your custom wood cabinets, or you will be battling problems for years to come. For example, although dark wood cabinets can look striking, they will show every fingerprint. Not much of an issue in a home with adults that always use the handles and knobs, but it can be a cleaning nightmare if you have small children. Another issue is you want to make sure the finish is durable. Kitchen cabinets get wiped down a lot, so you want a finish that won't wear down or dull quickly from constant cleaning. Your installer can help guide you to the most durable finishes available.

#2: Skipping modular options

You may be positive that the shelves are spaced just right to provide maximum storage spaces for your drinking glasses, but what happens in a few years when you replace the old glasses with new, taller versions? You can avoid these issues by having modular options installed inside the cabinets, such as movable shelves or removable partitions. The way you use your cabinets is likely to evolve overtime as your family and your lifestyle changes. Open space inside cabinets that can be customized with removable panels is much more useful over the long term compared to fixed shelving options.

#3: Ignoring flow patterns

There is a work flow in your kitchen as well as a pass-through traffic flow, and you need to be aware of both when designing the cabinet layout. When it comes to work flow, you want cabinets placed to store the appropriate items near the appropriate work station. For example, plates and glasses typically go near the sink or dishwasher for ease of putting away, while pots, pans, and cooking utensils should be kept near the oven. As for traffic flow, consider how people travel as they pass through. Avoid putting an overhead cabinet near the doorway where everyone makes a sharp turn, for example, since they are likely to catch themselves on the corner. Sometimes just setting it back a few inches is all that is necessary.

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4 July 2017

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