How Your Attic Can Help Determine The Condition Of Your Roof

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You don't want to put off having your new roof installed any longer than you have to. A leaky roof can cause all kinds of expensive damage to your home. Asphalt roofs last for many years, but eventually they succumb to age and deterioration. If you're not sure if it's time to replace your roof and you're not comfortable with climbing up to take a look, then check inside your attic. Your attic may be able to give you a few clues about the condition of your roof. Here's what to look for.

Light Shining Through The Roof

Look around the ceiling of your attic. If you see sunlight shining through cracks or tiny holes, that's a sign your roof is in need of repairs or replacement. Your roof should provide a solid surface that keeps rain out of the attic. If sunlight gets through, then rain will too. If you find gaps in the ceiling and you won't be able to have your roof replaced soon, you may want to fill in the gaps with caulk or spray foam to keep water from seeping through.

Water Dripping From Above

Go in your attic when it is raining hard outside. Listen for the sound of water dripping from above. Water will roll before it finally drips, so a drip won't necessarily pinpoint the location of the leak, but it will verify that your roof needs some work. You may want to take time to plug the leak or put down a bucket to catch water so the water won't collect in the attic or affect the ceiling of the room underneath.

Signs Of Water Damage And Dampness

If you miss going to the attic during a rainstorm, then check the attic later to look for signs of dampness. If your attic has fiberglass batt insulation, the insulation may be wet and matted down in the areas where rain has dripped inside. There could also be water stains on the rafters or ceiling. You might also notice the presence of mold or the odor of mildew that indicates dampness in the space. Another indication of water leaking into your attic is the presence of moisture-loving bugs. If you see roaches or silverfish scuttling or find a nest of ants, it could be a sign of water damage in the attic from a roof leak.

If you notice any of these signs in your attic, it's a good indication you need to call a contractor for an inspection of your roof. The contractor will thoroughly inspect the shingles and deck to determine if repairs are called for or if it is time to have a new roof installed to protect your home from water damage.


2 September 2017

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