3 Tips To Help Repair Common Fence Damage And Preventive Maintenance

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The fence around your home is not something that you think about doing maintenance to until it needs repairs. Over the years, common wear and tear will cause any type of fencing materials to need maintenance. Depending on the type of fencing you have, you may need one type of repair or another. Here are some tips to help with all types of fence repairs and the preventive maintenance that needs to be done to fences:

1. Problems with Change Link Fencing and Preventing Them

When you think of problems with fencing, you probably do not think too much about chain link materials. Even chain link materials need maintenance and can be damaged. Tension is what keeps the fence tight and in place, so you want to check for loose sections of fence and tighten them when needed. Occasionally, chain link fence sections may also need to be replaced. Loosen the tension on the fence and remove links in the section of fence that needs to be replaced; twist new links into place to attach the new section of fence before applying tension. Keep debris off your chain link fence to prevent damage to it.

2. Fence Posts That Need Repairs Due to Common Wear

Fence posts of all types are susceptible to problems; with wood fencing, wood posts may rot and need to be replaced; chain link and metal fencing posts may come loose and need to be secured in place. With wood posts, use a concrete footing and a post bracket to keep the post out of the ground to prevent rot. If you have leaning metal posts; level them and make the concrete footing around them wider to make them more stable. Making concrete footings for posts deeper will also help to make your fence more stable; especially in areas with softer soils.

3. Common Metal Fence Materials and The Repairs They Need

Metal fencing is some of the most durable fencing materials available, but it is not maintenance-free. If you have an aluminum fence, you want to make sure that it is clean. For rod iron and steel fencing, it is important to regularly paint and repair any rusted spots. Spraying the metal fencing with a lubricant will help repel water and prevent problems with rust and corrosion.

These are some tips to help with the most common fence repairs. Doing regular maintenance will help prevent some of these problems, but your fence is likely going to need some type of repair eventually. Contact a fencing contractor to help with repairs and improvements to keep your fence looking like new longer. Talk with the fencing service about temporary fence panels to use for damaged fencing while you are having repairs done. 


26 October 2017

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