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Choosing a new type of countertop will be a change that can greatly benefit your kitchen. However, there are numerous types of countertops that you will be able to choose. If you are looking at your options for new countertops, natural stone can be an extremely effective option. Yet, you may fail to consider opting for natural stone due to lacking some basic information about this type of countertop.

Will Natural Stone Countertops Be A Durable Option?

A common concern that people will have when upgrading their countertops is to choose a material that will be as durable as possible. This is an easy to understand concern as the kitchen countertops will be subjected to intense wear, and you will want to be sure that they are able to withstand this. Luckily, natural stone is an extremely durable material that will be able to last for many years.

How Do You Care For Natural Stone Countertops?

While it may seem as though it a countertop will require no care to keep it in good condition, it can be possible for materials that have spilled onto the countertop to eventually cause it to develop stains. Depending on the type of stone, applying intense heat to it by setting a hot pot or pan on it can also discolor the stone or put it at a higher risk of becoming cracked. To avoid these issues, you should make it a point to promptly clean the countertops after each time you cook. Also, you may want to invest in heat resistant pads that you can put the pot and pans on without having to worry about damaging the stone underneath them.  

What Happens If The Countertop Gets Damaged?

If you find that your countertop has suffered some type of damage, you may want to act aggressively to repair it. The amount of use that a kitchen countertop will experience can allow for minor damages to quickly escalate into more serious problems. An excellent example of this is damage from cracks and chips. Exposure to heat, water or further impacts could cause these damages to quickly spread across the surface of the countertops. Once these cracks have grown to be large enough it may no longer be possible to effectively patch the countertop. However, if you act before these damages will be able to do this, you will find that it may be possible to restore the appearance and structural integrity of your countertop by using a specially formulated epoxy that can be injected into the cracks.

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10 January 2018

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