3 Things To Understand About The Care Of A Tennis Court

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If you have purchased a property with an outdoor tennis court, you need to be prepared to take care of your tennis court. With the proper care, your outdoor tennis court can last for years. However, if you fail to take proper care of your tennis court, it can break down and degrade quickly.

The White Lines Crack More Because of Their Bright Color

If you look at your tennis court, you may notice that cracks develop on the bright white lines that outline the tennis court, but don't seem to develop anywhere else on the court.

Cracks develop on the white lines because they are white. The white lines reflect the sun, which makes the asphalt under the white paint color cooler than the asphalt under the green paint for the court. The lack of expansion of the asphalt under the white paint and the greater degree of expansion of the concrete under the green paint leads to cracks on the white lines of your tennis court.

This problem will only get worse if you leave the cracks alone. Take time to apply some tennis court crack filler to the cracks. This will help fill in the cracks and keep the asphalt for your tennis court together. The best time to fill cracks on the white lines on your courts is in the spring and again in the early fall.

Streaking Is Caused By Color Application

You may notice that your court has developed streak lines on it. These lines will run down the length of the court and will look like whitish colored lines on your court. These lines are generally caused by the application of the paint on the court. If the paint was not diluted correctly, over time, streaks will appear on your court. Streaks can also appear because the asphalt was too hot when the paint was originally applied.

To avoid streaks on your court, you will have to repaint your court. When you repaint your court, try to paint on a day when the temperature is cooler. You may also want to mist the surface of the court before applying the paint. This will cool it off. 

Taking care when you paint your court and ensuring that the paint is applied correctly will help prevent the paint from streaking later on.

Cracks on the white lines are a natural downfall of the make-up of the paint and the asphalt on the court working together. Patch cracks as soon as they appear, and be sure to patch all cracks in early spring and fall to keep the asphalt in good shape. Be sure to follow all the proper techniques when painting your court to avoid streaks developing on the court over time. You can also contact a court resurfacing service to resurface your court for you. 


29 June 2018

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