3 Things An Elevator Service Tech Will Look For During An Inspection

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When you have an elevator in your building, it's important to make sure that it stays in good shape. You don't want anyone to get stuck or worse in your elevator, so you need to make sure that you have it checked regularly. It is also likely that your state or city requires that the elevator be inspected and certified every year. There are several things that the elevator service tech is going to look at when they are checking over your elevator. 

Firefighter Emergency Operation

One thing that the elevator service tech is going to look at is whether or not the emergency operation for firefighters is working. This operation allows the firefighters to turn a key and override any other action by the elevator. In the case of fire or emergency, no one should be using the elevator anyway, but this operation will let the firefighters call the elevator to the ground floor and lock it down. The only people who will be able to use the elevator will be the firefighters, and then only after the fire or emergency has been cleared. 

Emergency Communication

Another thing that the service tech or inspector will look for is whether or not the communication system works. This system allows any passenger who is in the elevator to contact help if something happens and they get stuck in the elevator. This is generally an intercom or telephone system. Where the phone connects to depends on several things. It could be connected to a building manager or to a larger system that is manned 24/7. If the building is occupied all the time, such as a hospital or an apartment building, the emergency communication system will need to be connected to someplace that will be able to answer all the time. 

Safety Features

The inspector will also look at all the other safety features, including things that will stop the elevator if starts going to fast. Having those brakes or overrides will help to make sure that the worst doesn't happen if the elevator starts to malfunction in some way. If the inspector or service tech finds something wrong with the safety features, then the elevator will have to be shut down altogether until the safety features can be repaired. 

If you have an elevator in your building, it's important to make sure that you have that elevator checked over regularly, to keep everyone who uses it safe. For more information, contact an elevator service today.


18 December 2018

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