Three Businesses For Which A Green Roof Is Appropriate


Commercial buildings often have commercial roofing made of metal, shingles, or other common materials. If you're a business owner who is constructing his or her own building, or who has recently purchased a building with the goal of remodeling it before moving in, you have the freedom to get creative when it comes to your roof. One option that might be applicable to your business is a green roof, which people sometimes call a living roof. This is a roof that is covered with living vegetation, making it a good environmental choice and also a valuable conversation starter for people in the community. Any business can have a green roof, but here are three for which this roof type is especially sensible.

Health Food Store

If you operate a health food store, your mission is to make your customers and the community as a whole healthier. There are several ways that you can do this, including not only selling health-conscious products, but also holding health-related seminars about various topics. This is a perfect opportunity to think about choosing a green roof. In doing so, you're showing the community that you are thinking about the environment. Your green roof will reduce having to use conventional roofing materials that are not biodegradable, which many of your environmentally conscious customers will appreciate.

Naturopathic Doctor

Many naturopathic doctors own the buildings that house their clinics, especially if the doctor has an established and successful practice. A green roof can be appropriate if you're this type of doctor, given that your mandate is to use natural health solutions for your patients. While it's true that your green roof might not necessarily bring more patients through your doors, you can be sure that it's something that many of them will be happy to see. A lot of people who seek the care of naturopathic doctors are into natural health remedies, and may appreciate the look of your natural roof.

Yoga Studio

Many yoga studios use natural vegetation in their rooms, and some will even have juice bars and other similar spaces inside of them to cater to those who want healthy snack options. While you can do yoga for any reason, many people who are health- and environmentally conscious enjoy yoga and its principles. For example, lots of popular yoga attire is made from natural cotton and recycled fibers — a testament to yoga practitioner's interest in the environment. By establishing a living roof over your studio, you're going a step further to show your interest in making smart environmental decisions.


22 July 2019

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I have always loved baseball, and when the world series arrives each year, I enjoy inviting my friends over to watch the games. As our family grew, it became difficult for all of our guests to fit in our living room. We decided that we needed a dedicated "man cave" in our home, but we didn't have an extra room to build it in. We thought long and hard about how we could add it, but we finally decided to turn our garage into the man cave and have a carport built onto our home to park our cars under. I have always been interested in learning more handy-work, so I enjoyed watching the contractors build both the man cave and car port. I thought I would start a blog to share what I learned during the building process to help other homeowners!