Tips For Dealing With Household Mold


Mold is common in houses. If clothing, wood, or other materials in your home become damp due to condensation or a water leak, then it won't take long for mold to grow. Mold isn't a big problem most of the time since you can clean it with household cleaning products and get rid of it as long as you eliminate the source of moisture too. Other times, you need a mold removal service to clean up the mold. This is necessary when the mold is widespread, such as after your home has been flooded or your roof has been leaking. Here are tips for mold removal that might help.

Clean Mold From Your Tub And Shower

You can buy cleaners made for killing mold and mildew. It's good to keep one of these cleaners handy so that you can clean up mold you find growing in your shower or around your bathtub. It's common for mold to grow in bathrooms due to the moisture and water trapped around a tub or shower. This type of mold usually isn't dangerous, but it's ugly, so you'll want to remove it regularly to keep it from spreading.

Fix Water Drips Right Away

Another common place for mold to grow is inside sink cabinets when there's a water drip. The cabinet materials soak up the water and create an environment perfect for mold growth. Cleaning up mold under the sink or behind a washer is just a temporary measure if the drip isn't fixed. After the mold is removed, fix the leaky pipe so that the area stays dry, or the mold will return.

Track Down Mildew Odors

Mold may be hidden from view sometimes, but you can usually detect its presence due to its distinctive odor. When you smell mold or mildew, track down the source of the odor so that you can dry out the area and get rid of mold. The problem might be something simple, such as a forgotten wet towel, or it could be widespread mold in your attic from a roof leak. If you can't find the source of the odor, then call in a mold remediation company to check for mold and find its cause.

Use A Mold Removal Company

Mold remediation requires several steps, so if the mold covers a large area, hire professionals to remove it. One important step is ventilation so that the mold spores aren't spread through your house. The crew can set up a ventilation system that pulls the spores outside as they work to remove it. When mold removal isn't done properly, the risk of spreading mold is higher, and there is also a risk to your health from inhaling mold spores. A mold remediation company uses safety equipment to protect the workers, your home, and your family during the process of mold removal.

Mold can be removed by tearing out building materials covered in mold or by killing the mold and then sealing it. Drying out the area is essential, so it may be necessary to use air dryers or a dehumidifier to pull excess humidity from your home once the flooded area or leak has been repaired.


4 September 2019

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I have always loved baseball, and when the world series arrives each year, I enjoy inviting my friends over to watch the games. As our family grew, it became difficult for all of our guests to fit in our living room. We decided that we needed a dedicated "man cave" in our home, but we didn't have an extra room to build it in. We thought long and hard about how we could add it, but we finally decided to turn our garage into the man cave and have a carport built onto our home to park our cars under. I have always been interested in learning more handy-work, so I enjoyed watching the contractors build both the man cave and car port. I thought I would start a blog to share what I learned during the building process to help other homeowners!