2 Benefits Of Using SIP Panels For Your Home's New Addition

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If you are getting ready to build an addition onto your home, you are most likely busy with planning out the design and amenities you wish to have. Along with the many decisions you must make, you will be faced with the question of what type of building materials that you want to use. When you start thinking about the materials for the outer walls, consider the following benefits of using structurally insulated panels (SIPs) instead of the standard boards and insulation.

1.  Panels Offer Better Insulation

When you use boards and plywood attached to the house's frames to make the outer walls, you still need to make arrangements to have them insulated. Normally, you would either have the insulation installed or sprayed into the walls. While this is beneficial, it is hard to fully fill all of the gaps, which could leave you with spaces that allow air and noise to come into your rooms.

However, since SIP panels are constructed in a way that the foam insulation is attached directly to the wall material, there are no gaps. The walls are better insulated, helping to cut down on the amount of drafts and outside noises that make their way through. The better insulation can also help keep your heating and cooling bills lower.

2.  SIP Panels Cut Down on Building Time

Another advantage of using SIPs is that doing so can help cut down on the time it takes to build your home's new addition. Normally, after the framework is constructed, the sheets of wood are attached. Then, you have to coordinate a time for the contractor to come and fill the spaces between the inner and outer walls with insulation. If a separate contractor is required for this, you may have gaps in the workflow, which could delay the time it takes to complete construction.

However, since the insulation is already attached, you can cut out this step of the construction process. Instead of waiting for separate contractors, the insulation is installed along with the walls, and you can have them up much faster to allow for other phases of the building process to be completed in a timely manner.

Along with the above benefits, these pre-cut panels also help to reduce the amount of waste produced while building your addition. To learn more about their advantages as well as your available options for ordering them, contact an SIP panel manufacturer for more information. 


22 November 2019

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