Seven Main Considerations For Any Tankless Water Heater Installation

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Tankless water heaters have grown significantly in popularity because of the advantages they offer. If you're considering whether a tankless water heater is right for your needs, there are a few important considerations to take into account when deciding on and planning a tankless water heater installation. 

The following are seven main considerations for any tankless water heater installation:

The amount of appliances in a home requiring hot water

Tankless water heaters work best in a home that doesn't have massive hot water needs at any given moment. This means that they're best in homes without a large number of appliances that need a hot water supply. 

If your hot water demands are heavy in your home, you may need to choose a particularly high-performing tankless water heater model. 

The option to buy more than one unit

Another thing you can do if your hot water demands are high but you want to go tankless is have multiple tankless hot water heaters installed in your home.

Having multiple units can ensure that larger households are adequately supplied with hot water. Homeowners can even opt for a point-of-use tankless water heater option so that an individual tankless water heater supplies only one shower or appliance with hot water. 

The efficiency rating of the tankless water heater

Efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of tankless water heaters. However, some tankless units are more efficient than others.

It's important to consult the efficiency rating of your tankless water heater to determine how effective it is at saving energy. Shop for tankless units meeting Energy Star guidelines for the most efficient models out there. 

The cost of the tankless water heater and installation

The initial investment for the installation of a tankless water heater may be more than the cost of purchasing and installing a traditional water heater. It's therefore important to pay attention to costs and find a unit that will maximize value by saving money on utility costs after installation. 

The fuel source for the tankless water heater

You'll need to decide between a gas or electric tankless water heater. Electric tankless water heaters are known for being more efficient. However, gas units are known for lasting longer and being less expensive to operate. 

The expected lifespan of the tankless water heater model

Because tankless water heaters have a higher upfront cost, it's important to choose a model that can be expected to last a long time. You should choose a tankless water heater that can be expected to last at least 20 years to get the most out of your investment.

The space savings

Another huge advantage offered by tankless water heaters is that they don't take up a lot of space because they have no tank. If you have a space shortage in your home, a tankless water heater model will be especially advantageous for your household. 


14 March 2020

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