The Handyman's Spring Cleaning And Maintenance Guide To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

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As the spring weather makes way for summer, it is time to start with cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done around your home. Some of the cleaning tasks you are probably going to do on your own, but there are others that a seasoned handyman will be able to help you with. The following handyman's guide to spring cleaning and maintenance will help you get your home ready for the summer months:

Simple AC and Mechanical System Maintenance That A Handyman Service Can Take Care Of

The mechanical systems are an area where you will want to start with the spring maintenance. You can hire a handyman service to help with minor repairs and servicing the air conditioner as well as inspecting other mechanical systems for problems that need to be repaired. Some of the AC maintenance that the handyman can do for you includes:

  • Changing air filters
  • Repairing damaged ducts with air leaks
  • Removing winterization from the AC unit
  • Cleaning the AC condensing unit to prevent summer problems

These chores will help prevent problems with your AC when you turn it on for the hot summer weather.

Inspecting Your Roof And Cleaning And Fixing Minor Leaks Before Summer Storms Cause Damage

Next, you are going to want to inspect the roof for minor damage and leaks, which is something that a seasoned handyman can do for you. It is important to repair minor leaks and replace worn materials to prevent damage during summer storms. The handyman will also be able to identify problems that could cause damage to your home during severe weather and do the repairs or improvements that are needed to prevent these problems.

Cleaning and Updating Landscaping To Prepare Your Home For Warmer Weather Without Pests

Landscaping maintenance is a really important cleaning job that needs to be done before the weather gets warmer. You want to remove old debris and clippings that can attract pests and trim trees before new growth starts to bud. The handyman service can help with this cleaning and maintenance as well as improvements like landscaping renovations and hardscaping projects to improve the outdoor spaces around your home.

Minor Repairs That Need To Be Done Around Your Home Before You Start Entertaining For Nice Summer Weather

The summer months are also a time when you may be planning on entertaining and hosting dinner parties outdoors. Therefore, you are going to want to do repairs to things like hardscaping pavements, outdoor lighting, and other minor repair projects around your home. You can hire a seasoned handyman to help you with the to-do-list of minor repairs that need to be done before you host your first summer dinner party.

This handyman's guide to spring cleaning and maintenance will help you with the chores that need to be done to prepare your home for summer. If you need help with maintenance before the weather gets warmer, contact a handyman service for help with these spring chores.


1 May 2020

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