Why Installing A Boat Lift On Your Dock Can Be Beneficial

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Living on the water and having a private dock that you can tie your boat to is great, and if you live in an area that allows the boat to be used all year long, having the dock eliminates the need to trailer the boat to the water when you want to use it. Leaving the boat in the water all year can create some issues, but there is a solution that will still allow you to use the boat and store it out of the water. 

Boats and Water

Even though boats are made with materials that allow them to travel in the water, over time, water can negatively affect the boat. Often, boats that are used year-round are pulled from the water once a year for maintenance, cleaning, and repainting of the hull. If you live near the water and have a dock to tie up to, it is easy to leave the boat in the water and forget the maintenance until there is a problem.

One solution is to install a boat lift on the dock, making it easy to get the boat out of the water for maintenance and cleaning. The lift will raise the boat to the dock's height, or sometimes higher, allowing you to easily get to the engine, propellor, hull, and other parts of the boat that are typically in the water. If it is easy to lift the boat and maintain it, it may be easier to find the time to regularly maintain it, extending the operating life of the vessel.

Protection and Security

Along with maintenance, a boat lift can protect your boat during a storm. If a storm is coming in, raising the boat out of the water will keep it from hitting the dock when the water gets rough. If the storm is bad, the vessel's hull can receive damage from the repeated impacts, but if the boat is sitting on the lift high above the waves, it will be safer. 

Security is another benefit when your boat is on a boat lift. If the boat is secure and the lift is locked so that no one can lower it, stealing the boat will be very difficult. Most boat lifts on the market use an electric and hydraulic combination system to raise and lower the boat, so installing a lock on the lift's power supply box will make it harder for anyone to turn the power on and put the boat in the water.

If you are considering a boat lift for your dock, talk to a professional installer about putting one in and what features are available. 


5 October 2020

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