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‘Bring me up to speed, she said, climbing shakily from the trolley. Even though her mind was fully functioning, it would take a couple of days in an electromassager to get her muscles back to normal.

Back in the apartment he shared with Scant, Merv unzipped Koboi from her sealed hiding place.

‘Troll nasty, responded Opal.

‘Yes, agreed Opal. ”And you live only as long as you do serve. Now, my enemies. They are well and happy, I trust.

Sool picked his way around the keyboard. If you don’t have the stomach for it, centaur. I’ll do it myself.” He entered his password and detonated the incinerator in Holly’s helmet.

The bodyguard’s foot brushed against something. He glanced down. A large crystal bowl lay on the rug, the remains of a sherry trifle slopping in its base. Beside it lay a wad of gravy-encrusted tinfoil. A hungry kidnapper? Five feet on he found an empty Moet champagne bottle and a decimated chicken carcass. Just how many intruders had been here?

Holly knew that the commander was trying to soften the blow. As soon as the major’s acorns were on her lapel, she wouldn’t get aboveground as much as she did now. If she was lucky.


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