Steps to Help You Remedy a Clogged Sewer Line

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As a homeowner, it is your own responsibility to repair and replace any sewer problems in your home's sewer system, including the sewer main running beneath the soil to the city's sewer line connection in the street. Here are some steps to help you solve and resolve what is causing a sewer clog and important details, such as getting the proper construction permits, to help you be successful with the repair.

10 March 2017

Need to Clean Your Chain-Link Fence? Here's How to Do It


Durable, long-lasting, and inexpensive, chain-link fences have become a popular option for many homeowners in need of a good fencing solution. If you want your chain-link fence to look as good as the day you had it installed, it pays to keep it clean. Otherwise, dirt and debris can accumulate on the fence as time goes on, robbing your fence of its original luster. A lot of people think chain-link fences are hard to clean, but that's simply not true.

9 November 2016

Five Tips for Designing a Better Small Horse Barn

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Most every horse owner dreams of having their own 40-stall barn with foaling stalls, heat, and a shower in the tack room. But in reality, budget and space constraints mean most horse owners have to settle for something a bit smaller. With careful planning and the right design, your four- or six-stall barn can be as an enjoyable as a luxury breeding stable. Here are five tips for designing a better small horse barn.

22 September 2016

Tips On Choosing And Using The Right Plunger For Your Sink Drain Clog


If your kitchen sink has stopped allowing water to flow through the drain, then it's time to start thinking about clog removal solutions. Hot water, vinegar, and baking soda can all be used to try to resolve the plumbing problem. However, when these materials will not move the clog, then it is time to reach for the plunger. While most people own plungers and use them regularly, individuals rarely know how to use them correctly or even which ones should be used.

2 August 2016

Must-Haves For An Indoor Riding Arena Geared For Teaching Equestrian Sports

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Teaching equestrian sports takes a lot of discipline and practice, for the teacher, the student and the horse. But practice can be challenging during certain times of the year, especially when it snows in the winter, rains in the spring, and thunderstorms in the summer. Fortunately, there is something you can do to be able to give your students lessons no matter what the weather conditions areā€”build an indoor riding arena!

28 June 2016

4 Tips For Growing Yellow Poplars For Shade Without Threatening The Safety Of Your Property

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Whether you call them tulip trees or yellow poplars, these trees that actually belong to the magnolia family are great for shading your home because they grow quickly and reach a mature width of 50 feet to provide a lot of canopy cover. While these shade trees are less troublesome than many other species that grow as quickly, they still need care and attention as they grow to turn into a safe and beautiful part of the landscape.

17 May 2016

Why Isn't Concrete Flowing? Three Reasons Your Concrete Pump Truck May Have Frequent Blockages


A concrete pump truck allows you to pour concrete into high areas, such as apartment buildings and high rises, or quickly pour concrete over a large area. Concrete should flow from the truck out of a pipeline. However, this may not always occur. Occasionally, a blockage can form in the pipeline, disrupting the flow of concrete. If this happens rarely, it is nothing you should worry about. Sometimes a clog simply just forms.

15 April 2016

Settling Into Another Commercial Building? Take These Sensible Security Precaustions

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Relocating your business from one commercial building to another can be exciting, worrying and chaotic in equal measure -- but don't forget to evaluate the building's security while you're unpacking boxes and distributing updated business cards. Here are some important steps you can take to protect your assets at the new location. Rekey or Replace All Locks You have no idea how many employees of various previous commercial residents have passed through your new (or objectively speaking, not-so-new) facility's doors over the years.

29 March 2016

What You Need To Know If You Find Bird Droppings In Your Fireplace & Swifts In The Chimney

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There's something to be said about the coziness and warmth of a rip-roaring fire in the fireplace on a cold, wintry night. But if you notice bird droppings in your fireplace, a family of birds may have found your chimney cozy and warm. In fact, one of the bird species is so notorious for turning chimneys into their humble abodes that it is called the chimney swift. Unfortunately, chimney swifts present a host of problems when they become unwanted guests in chimneys, especially for homeowners who would love to enjoy their fireplaces.

7 March 2016

Pump Up Your Productivity--Factors That Will Help You Select The Right Hoist For The Job

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If you own or manage a warehouse, you need to pay close attention to the material handling equipment that you purchase. Material handling equipment consists of the items that are used to store and move merchandise around your warehouse. This includes items like shelving, pallets, trolleys, hoists, forklifts, winches, and lifting accessories. Having the right equipment for your space can increase your productivity, cut back on injuries to your employees and even save you money on repairs to equipment.

10 February 2016