3 Summer Maintenance Steps For Your Central Air Conditioner

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If you live in an area of the country where air conditioning is a requirement to make it through the sweltering temperatures of summer, you know how important it is to keep this appliance in good working order. You should schedule a maintenance appointment at the start of each cooling season to make sure it's ready to go. But air conditioners work hard and should be maintained throughout the summer as well.

10 August 2018

3 Things To Understand About The Care Of A Tennis Court

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If you have purchased a property with an outdoor tennis court, you need to be prepared to take care of your tennis court. With the proper care, your outdoor tennis court can last for years. However, if you fail to take proper care of your tennis court, it can break down and degrade quickly. The White Lines Crack More Because of Their Bright Color If you look at your tennis court, you may notice that cracks develop on the bright white lines that outline the tennis court, but don't seem to develop anywhere else on the court.

29 June 2018

3 Solutions For Blending Roofing In With New Home Additions For An Original Design

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When doing a home addition, the roof is something that you need to consider. You want to integrate new roofing materials into the design of your home, which can be done by using a contrasting material, replacing the existing roof, or blending the old shingles in with new materials. Here are some solutions to help match new roofing on additions with older materials: 1. Contrasting Materials That Work Well with Covered Porches and Patio Enclosures

16 May 2018

4 Possible Reasons For A High Water Bill

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If you have just received your water bill in the mail and saw that it was higher than you expected, you could be wondering why. These are a few possible reasons. 1. Changing Rates from Your Water Provider For one thing, you can check your water bill or contact your water provider to determine if there has been a recent change in rates. These companies do sometimes adjust their rates, which can sometimes make your water bill a little bit more expensive.

2 April 2018

Want A Main Floor Master With Tall Ceilings And A Big Bath? Get Quotes For These Things

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If you are looking to make some renovations to your home but you aren't sure what changes are possible, there are some things that you want to talk with a building contractor about. If you think that you want to add a master bedroom on the main level of your home, you will have to see if you have the space and funds to do so. If you want something grand with tall ceilings, a big master bath and more, talk with the construction experts in your area about the following things.

1 March 2018

Tips To Help You With Upgrading Your Countertops

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Choosing a new type of countertop will be a change that can greatly benefit your kitchen. However, there are numerous types of countertops that you will be able to choose. If you are looking at your options for new countertops, natural stone can be an extremely effective option. Yet, you may fail to consider opting for natural stone due to lacking some basic information about this type of countertop. Will Natural Stone Countertops Be A Durable Option?

10 January 2018

How To Fix A Leak In Your Shower Faucet

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Sometimes a leak can develop in your shower faucets, not the shower head. A leak in your shower faucet is generally caused by a worn-out washer in the shower stem of your shower head. You can fix this issue on your own. You can even take advantage of plumbing tools rental if you don't have everything you need. #1 Turn Off the Water The first thing you want to do is turn off the water to your house.

26 November 2017

3 Tips To Help Repair Common Fence Damage And Preventive Maintenance

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The fence around your home is not something that you think about doing maintenance to until it needs repairs. Over the years, common wear and tear will cause any type of fencing materials to need maintenance. Depending on the type of fencing you have, you may need one type of repair or another. Here are some tips to help with all types of fence repairs and the preventive maintenance that needs to be done to fences:

26 October 2017

Wood Fences Are Still Great

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If you look around your neighborhood and notice some of the fences, you might be surprised to realize that most of them are made out of synthetic materials like vinyl and PVC. These products are well suited to fence construction because they are durable, water resistant, and very easy to maintain. But, whatever happened to classic wooden fences? The fact of the matter is, wood is still a great fencing material, even if it is not as popular as it used to be.

27 September 2017

How Your Attic Can Help Determine The Condition Of Your Roof

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You don't want to put off having your new roof installed any longer than you have to. A leaky roof can cause all kinds of expensive damage to your home. Asphalt roofs last for many years, but eventually they succumb to age and deterioration. If you're not sure if it's time to replace your roof and you're not comfortable with climbing up to take a look, then check inside your attic.

2 September 2017